Introductory workshop to carpentry for children (school groups)


The workshops take place in our activity room or in the place of your choice, students will discover and experience woodworking ...

The interests of a practical work

  • Monitoring a protocol with the use of a timeline.
  • Handling different secure woodworking tools: miter saws, hammers, rules ...

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Paddle Wheels

Collective realization: This allows for a direct connection with the notion of hydropower addressed to the sawmill. Students will try their construction on the river, giving instant and lively teaching approach.

Birdhouses and Feeders

Collective Construction: Students will learn the needs and characteristics of birds. They will be able to scale their act to save them. Finally, these achievements once installed will allow children watching birds.

The Pencil Holder

This activity will introduce children to the woodwork through individual achievement and useful they can take ownership by customizing later

Other constructions

Other constructions can be performed as the perpetual calendar or photo easel ...

Free Achievements

For the purposes of the project, achievements can be modified or new ones can be created ...


  Group rate(20 or more children) Group rate(less than 20 children) Group rate(less than 10 children)
Visit the Living Museum and Workshop (1/2 day) € 5,00 / child € 120.00 package € 80.00 package

Visit the Living Museum, workshop + another activity (day)

€ 8.00 / child € 175.00 package € 125.00 package

Teachers and coaches receive free...

Carpentry workshop on outdoor site (1/2 day):
Packageof 175€ (350€ day) + travel costs: 0,55€/ km

Additional information

  • Duration: 1.30 to 2hrs
  • Picnic room available
  • Possibility introductory workshop in your classroom or in your center
Discovery of mountain forest

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