Visit of the sawmill of Etouvières (adult groups)


The Living Museum houses a hydraulic mill of the nineteenth century in perfect condition. On the first floor the saw room to discover this traditional practice, the life of the sawyer and tools. In the basement, the engine room where reside the various mechanisms, allows us to observe and understand its operation.

For adults and leisure groups, end of the visit, an apple juice and cider tasting (BISCANTIN) local production is possible.


  • The story: In its first use in the eighteenth century, to the abandonment of the sawmill in 1980. The building reflects the evolution of human activity and the environment.
  • Artisanal practice of sawing: Demonstration to discuss the work of a sawyer, and the techniques and products sawmill.
  • The natural environment can be addressed biological and naturalist levels (the forest ecosystem, species of trees ...), but also in its interaction with human activity.
  • The timber industry, yesterday and today, is viewed as a whole: from seed to the tree and then the tree to the object, as well as recycling. In order to better understand the place of a sawmill in a die, and the challenges of the sector.


Visit the Living Museum

  • Group rate (20 or more adults): 5,00 € / adult (6.00 € / adult and tasting local products)
  • Group rate (less than 20 people): 6,00 € / adult

Visit the Living Museum and another activity (1/2 day)

  • Group rate (20 or more adults): 9,00 € / adult
  • Group rate (less than 20 people): 10,00 € / adult

Additional information

  • Duration: 1 hour at 1:30
  • Warm clothes (in winter)
  • Site 100% available
Lively tours and sawing demonstrations

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