Discovery walk « Nature and Landscapes »: the hermit’s path


Close to Thones, nature awakens with its rich natural environment, its fauna and flora remarkable. The Calvary trail provides an overview on the Thônain landscape in the footsteps of the hermit who lived here centuries ago.

To meet the objectives of your project, certain themes may be preferred. Any animation can therefore be built in partnership with the teacher.

This walk, taking account of the issues addressed and the accessibility of the trail is rather recommended for cycle level 3 students.


Throughout this trip, the children discover the life and environment of this place as well as a panorama with stunning views over the town of Thones and valleys. Multiple topics can be addressed such as geology, landscape evolution, installing Men and biodiversity of the region.

Thanks to the exceptional situation of the site, you will discover a mix of "mountain scenery and Mediterranean" with diverse forest environments.


Visit the Living Museum and Trail (1/2 day)

  • Group rate (20 or more children): 4,50 € / child
  • Group rate (less than 20 children): Package € 90.00
  • Group rate (less than 10 children): Package € 60.00

Visit the Living Museum, path of the Hermit + another activity (day)

  • Group rate (20 or more children): 7,50 € / child
  • Group rate (less than 20 children): Package € 150.00
  • Group rate (less than 10 children): Package € 100.00

Teachers and coaches receive free ...

Additional information

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Walking Shoes
  • IMPORTANT: Walk possible only in summer and adapted to the cycle Level 3
  • IMPORTANT: This animation requires a shift in the center of Thones (the bus travel time is taken into account during the half day or day animation)
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