Marie Vion

Specialized guide

Marie Vion

I come from Deux-Sèvres, in west of France, and i left in 2015 my campaign for lanscapes of Haute-Savoie.

Attracted by geography and travels, I had a BTS Tourism before to obtain a professional licence, designer guide in ecotourism.

The discovery of the other countries and their cultures made me want to invest me for the wealth of the local heritage.

My passion for the nature and my curiosity lead me today to create nice moments with visitors through the observation of the mountain forest.

My objective: share and continue the life of the old sawmill of Etouvières, invaluable track of the know-how of the territory.

Nicolas Villaume

Manager and specialized guide

Vosges of origin and knowing the territory of the valleys of tuna and Aravis since my childhood, that’s ten years now that I work in the Living Museum in the service of local heritage, whether natural, cultural, or economic.

Always been interested in nature and rural heritage, my desire to share my passion was left fully sated with this facilitator profession I practiced since more 10 years always with great motivation to be in contact with our various audiences all in friendliness and good humor ...

For this dream job, I have first obtained a BTS Management and Nature Conservation in my native Lorraine, before heading for the High Alps where I took a degree in management and development of mountain resources, then worked for a few months at the House of Nature Hautes-Alpes as natural organizer.

My job: Educate! ... Giving meaning and awaken the senses!

It is a culture and enhance heritage to create the link between man and his environment, and try to spend a few messages to better understand and respect our world today and tomorrow ...

And what a special place this sawmill that has survived the centuries, bringing the soul of the population and its relationship to the mountain ...

Nicolas Villaume

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