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In order to discover the life of a mountain valley from A to Z, the Ecomuseum offers a program for cycle 3 classes 3 half days of action are to be distributed throughout the school year, or your stay ...

Half day 1: What is a valley? (3 hours - in the classroom or on the website of the Living Museum)

  • Discover the geology and Alpine orogeny,
  • The birth of a valley (of the different approach glacial hydrological ...)
  • Discovery of a watershed: the Montremont valley and its torrent Malnant,
  • Introduction to mapping

Half Day 2: The History of the Valley (3 hours - Calvary trail - Thônes)

  • Reminder on geology, evolution of the environment of the valley (vegetation, glacial periods), the arrival of Prehistoric Men, the Roman period, the Middle Ages, the 19th century.
  • General discovery of the human and natural environment of the valley.

Half Day 3: Valley today (website Écomusée - Thônes - 3h)

  • Reminder about the life of the valley in the 19th century,
  • Visit the Living Museum of Wood and Forest and its ancient hydraulic mill 19th,
  • Path discovery of the Ecomuseum,
  • Discovery of Man and his environment today: Landscape reading
  • Discovery of different ecosystems: forest, pastures, meadows, high mountains, streams, wetlands, etc ...
  • Ecosystem correlation with human activities,
  • Discovery of the forest ecosystem and of past and present human activities.


The Objectives of the program

  • Environmental awareness and sustainable development
  • Knowing its immediate environment and heritage
  • Discover the geological, hydrographic, ecological, anthropological and historical a mountain valley
  • Understanding the environment through various approaches
  • Understanding the relationship and responsibility of men towards their environment


If you do not wish to participate in the entire educational program, the Ecomuseum offers to select one or two half days, with content that can be modified according to your project ...

Half days Price
No. 1: "What is a valley?" € 80.00 (possibly school travel costs)
No. 2: "The Valley History"
€ 80.00
3: "The valley today"
€ 80.00
€ 240.00

If you do not wish to participate in all half-day programs ...

  • Half day 1 or 2: 100 € (+ any travel expenses)
  • Half Day 3: 4,50 € / child or package € 90.00 (less than 20 children) or package € 60.00 (Less than 10 children)
Wood, from the forest to the workshop

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