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The Living Museum of Wood and Forest Centre and La Ruche offer you to build your stay with three half-days around the Savoyard landscape with an educational program aimed at school cycle 3. The approach and understanding of the landscape is a gateway particularly rich in discovery in the region. It helps to understand the history of men in connection with the mountain environment in order to understand their lives today.

Half day 1: "A window opens on the Landscape" (Close to the center of La Ruche - 3h)

This first sequence will approach the mountain environment and its organization with the landscape reading ... From the point of view expressing the identity of the massif, students apprehend the human and natural components of the territory, noting as well the close relationship between man and his environment ...

Half day 2: "When the landscape speaks of history" (Site of the Living Museum - Montremont Valley - Thônes - 3h)

The visit of our hydraulic sawmill 19th and a ride on a path we will discover a historical approach of the landscape with its evolution over time. We will discuss in particular the influence of agricultural and forestry activities ... We will discover more specifically one of the components of the landscape of the region: the forest of the montane ... to interpret the landscape at different scales from global to precise ...

Half Day 3: "Deepening" (Close to the center of La Ruche - 3h)

This specific animation time will deepen certain themes related to landscape Aravis: study of a community, an ecosystem ... This half-day is defined together, depending on your expectations and your project. Examples of content: The subalpine forest of the Croix-Fry, The fauna and flora of the Plateau de Beauregard, The "small world" study of insects and ants, the roles of the mountain forest, Landscape "Art and Nature": Landscape reading artistic approach.

En partenariat avec : Centre La Ruche

Centre La Ruche


If you do not wish to participate in the entire educational program, the Ecomuseum offers to select one or two half days, with content that can be modified according to your project ...

Half days Price Travel expenses TOTAL

"A window opens on the Landscape" € 80.00 € 0.55 x 26 km = € 14.30 € 94.30

"When we talk Landscape History" € 80.00 € 80.00

"Deepening" € 80.00 € 0.55 x 26 km = € 14.30 € 94.30

TOTAL € 240.00 € 28.60 € 268.60

If you do not wish to participate in all half-day programs ...

  • Half day to the Living Museum: 4,50 € / child or package € 90.00 (less than 20 children) or package € 60.00 (Less than 10 children)
  • Half day to the Hive: 100,00 € (+ travel costs € 14.30) or € 114.30
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